Northwestern: China Goes Global, China-Hollywood, Influencer Marketing…

Joel Backaler - Kellogg 1

I talked about “Global China” topics including the convergence of China and Hollywood, how Facebook is learning from WeChat and the rise of Chinese “online influencers” who sell millions worth of products in a matter of minutes. Fascinating discussion and a highly engaged audience. Kellogg’s Marketing Department Chair offered the following endorsement after the event: […]

Forbes: The Rise of China’s Global Consumers

Chinese Tourist

The following is an excerpt from my Forbes article, “The Rise of China’s Global Consumers.” The “Human Face” of Global China Chinese companies are making international news like never before. By May 2016, Chinese outbound mergers and acquisitions tallied $111 billion, already surpassing the full year total of $108 billion for 2015. Yet unprecedented media […]

Executive View on 2016 Global China Outlook and One Belt One Road

China Outbound Forum

Despite an increasingly challenging environment at home, the outlook for Chinese global investment continues to gain momentum each year. What was once a story of primarily state-led natural resource investments in emerging markets has changed dramatically in recent years. Today, Chinese companies from industries as diverse as consumer goods, internet, entertainment, real estate, manufacturing and […]

What Chinese Executives Think of the “Economic Meltdown”

Speaking Roundtable

The headlines about China’s economy over the last few weeks have fluctuated from one extreme to the other. Depending on your favorite news site, you could be reading an article titled, “China is a Mess,” “What if the China Panic is all Wrong?” or “3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Worry About China’s Economic Slowdown Just Yet.” […]

Chinese Business Leaders Take a Different Path to Power


The Financial Times recently wrote an article about the non-traditional path many Chinese executives take to power. In my book, China Goes West: Everything You Need to Know About Chinese Companies Going Global, I explain how true this observation really is. The resumes of most Chinese executives do not contain decades of experience working for blue-chip […]