Forbes: The Rise of China’s Global Consumers

Chinese Tourist

The following is an excerpt from my Forbes article, “The Rise of China’s Global Consumers.”

The “Human Face” of Global China

Chinese companies are making international news like never before. By May 2016, Chinese outbound mergers and acquisitions tallied $111 billion, already surpassing the full year total of $108 billion for 2015.

Yet unprecedented media coverage of Chinese companies’ rapid overseas expansion overlooks the more human face of an increasingly globalized Middle Kingdom – China’s global consumers.

With record numbers of Chinese overseas travelers, students studying abroad, and diaspora communities around the world, Chinese consumers are a major global demographic that no company can ignore…

Chinese Consumers as a “Global Demographic”

The article goes on to explain the unique characteristics of this new generation of Chinese consumers. It argues that as growing numbers of Chinese explore new international travel destinations, study abroad, and settle in countries around the world, Chinese consumers are no longer a consumer segment specific to one country, but rather a global demographic with unique needs that savvy marketers can serve.

You can read the full article here.