More Than “Made in China”

For nearly three decades the world watched China’s economy develop at an extremely rapid pace. Foreign companies invested in China to build factories that produced billions of products for export in the global marketplace, earning it the name, “the world’s factory.”

However, the story is much more complex today. Chinese labor isn’t as cheap as it once was and competition among Chinese and foreign companies is fiercer than ever before. As a result of this new business environment, Chinese executives want to go global themselves. They want to invest in international markets to be closer to their customers and acquire established Western companies to gain access to advanced capabilities including technology, talent, and global brands.

China Goes West explains why this global shift is occurring, how the trend will likely evolve and what we can all do to maximize the benefits of Chinese overseas investment, while minimizing any potential risks.

Why This Matters To You

China Goes West is highly readable and relevant for a variety of audiences. It’s written using stories and straightforward frameworks so readers can uncover answers to important questions they care most about:

  • Businesspeople: “How will Chinese companies expanding abroad impact the competitive landscape for our industry in China, our home market and our operations in other parts of the world?”
  • Policymakers: “Will government-supported Chinese companies have an unfair advantage when they invest in other countries?”
  • Government Officials: “What security concerns do Chinese multinational companies pose to our nation?”
  • Everyday Consumers: “Now that the local pork manufacturer has been acquired by a Chinese company, will the factory move to China and will the pork produced under Chinese ownership still be safe to feed my family?”

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“A thorough and thoughtful examination of one of the most important trends that will shape the future of business, technology and society. Joel has written a clear account of the globalization journey, helping readers understand the challenges, opportunities, risks and rewards of ‘going global’.”Yang Yuanqing
Chief Executive Officer, Lenovo

Author Interview

CCTV America interview about Chinese internet companies expanding into the United States.